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MTASA Celebrates Diversity

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Biodiversity project
 captivates students' imaginations and evokes curiosity, exploration, deep commitment and compassion to the diversity of life on earth.

Teachers convey the multifaceted concepts of habitat protection and species multiplicity via classes in Entomology, Zoology and Marine Biology.

Throughout the duration of each course, guest specialists in a given course's subject matter are invited to attend the workshops and share their knowledge and experience.

Field trips are the highlight of the program. Students witness the work of experts in Entomology, Zoology and Marine Biology while visiting their working environment. That is when they can finally see how the knowledge attained in school can be applied in real life circumstances.

Professional photographers, artists and writers show students how to use visual and written expression to chronicle their knowledge. At the end of every course each child creates his or her own scrapbook, a constant reminder of a one of a kind educational experience.

In this Endeavor, a child's natural curiosity of bugs is cultivated. How people relate to insects in music, literature, film, religion, and art is the study of cultural entomology. Students observe insect behavior, learn about insect habitats, and experience the diversity of insects at exhibits. They write, draw, take photographs, and create real art that details what they learn about the community of insects. They sort, organize, and present their reflections, recordings, and findings.

This course is dedicated to the animal population. Since Zoology is extremely wide-ranging field, students will learn a diversity of topics, starting with animal classification. With the help from the exports, they will conduct research to expand knowledge about animal lifestyle and how they survive in their natural environment.

This course invites students to be part of a fascinating adventure into the mysterious undersea world. Teachers and special guests introduce students to geological process that occur beneath the waters and how it effects marine life and dry land as well.

They will learn about the plants and animals, occupants of the deep ocean, how they attract prey and fight off predators. Students will explore the culture of a "giant" that comprises three-quarters of the surface of our planet with its mysteries, legends, and events still not explained by mankind.
ISEP Advantage

  Students will acquire skills in communication, teamwork, creative writing and critical thinking;

  Students will learn to appreciate the artistic expression of others, while moving ahead toward creative self-expression.

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